Down The Rocky Road…..Sweet Sweet Pizza.

Pizza4School Holidays (for us and lots of folk no doubt) means a trip to the cinema to see the latest Disney/Pixar offering, maybe some skateboarding and playing down the park, napping and reading.
And cool stuff in the kitchen.
Kid’s off on a beachy holiday with  family this week, so we will miss her 😦Pizza8
Thanks to the magic of fore-thought, we did extra cooking last week so there’d still be stuff to post with Kid in it now.
Computers are amazing right?!PizzaSweet Pizza.
We are here at Kid’s behest. She’s been itching to do this ever since she saw the rocky road pizza on my menu at work. It sells well. What we’re making here will be bigger and better! Pizza7Strawberry Rocky Road Stuffed Crust Pizza
You need some pizza dough. We used this recipe from our last pizza post. Pizza2Take out a little salt, replace the sugar with honey and add a pinch of cinnamon. Resist the urge to add extra sugar, it will make the dough tacky. Pizza11

Once you have your dough rolled out, the fun begins.Pizza5

Pre-heat your oven to hot. Like 220*c at least. We’re using our bench top pizza cooker. Lay the base on the tray its being cooked on. We’re using greaseproof paper and a plate so we can transfer it once the base is topped. Spread some nutella generously and evenly over the base, leaving a couple of centimetres free to fold over.Pizza6 Chop your strawberries. Arrange some around the edge of the nutella to go inside the crust and leave the rest to scatter after cooking. Pull the marshmallows in half as you place them along side the strawberries. Fold the outside edge of the dough over, tucking the strawbs and marshmallows in as you go. Arrange marshmallows in the centre of the base. Cook until gooey and crispy. To serve, let the pizza cool for a bit than scatter chopped nuts and strawberries and dust with icing sugar. A little drizzle of cream works well and a dollop of ice cream will sort this right out.Pizza10What Kid Did.
Don’t worry about her, she’s having a nice beachy  holiday with family.  And according to these pics, re-creating our gnocchi recipePizza9You’ve come a long way baby!
See you soon Kid! X

Alternative Sweet toppings
Mascarpone, ricotta, dulce de leche, salted caramel, chopped chocolate bars (mars etc..) nuts, condensed milk, fresh berries, dried/glace fruits, fresh figs, poached rhubarb, quince paste, lollies. Use your imagination. Or just do like we did and go down that old rocky road.
Happy Cooking

The good folks at Kids in The City magazine have this to say about school hols…

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