Out With The Old, In With The Noodle. Pt 2.

Part 2 in the Cook and Kid noodle series.Udon 1Kid and I have got Japan pretty high up on our list of places to visit, if not right on top. Mainly for the food of course but I also day-dream about cherry blossoms, tea houses, massages and Manga.

This week we’re getting our Ud-on (!) and putting our Japanese cooking skills to the test.

This is a fairly  wet noodle dish, giving me and Kid plenty of opportunity for slurping. I’m told this is a show of appreciation in Japan, but when I do it at home people get up and leave the table.


Japanese Udon Noodle Stir Fry – feeds 3-4
300g trimmed pork sirloin – sliced into thin strips ( totally optional for my vegetarian friends out there.)
500g udon noodles – can be bought ‘wok ready’ in supermarkets
1 medium zucchini –  sliced 3-4mm thick
200g fried tofu – cut into bite sized pieces
1 bunch Spring onions – sliced 2-3 cm, on an angle
1 tbsp shredded fresh ginger
3-4 cloves garlic
1 tbsp sesame seeds – toasted till golden
1 tbsp cooking oilUdon 3
Sauce -1 cup chicken stock, 2 tbsp mirin, 2 tbsp light/ japanese soy, 1 tbsp miso paste, 3 dried shitakeUdon 2HOW
For the sauce, simmer those ingredients gently in a small pot whilst you get the stir fry ingredients ready. Remove the shitake, pat dry and slice thin.

Heat a fry pan or wok until hot. Add half the oil, the pork, a little salt and cook until just a little brown all over. Remove the pork from the pan and set aside. Add the other half of the oil and then the tofu, until a little brown all around. Next the garlic and ginger until just soft.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANow your sliced shitake, zucchini and spring onions until just soft and finally the noodles and pork. Remember to keep the heat high. Add the sauce, toss until all is well combined and turn off the heat. Serve with a healthy scattering of toasted sesame seeds.

Udon 4
What Kid Did

Kid went on holiday to Iluka on the Nth NSW coast. We miss her.Pier1

This is Kid, Me and the Doctor last week down at Shorncliffe Pier. We wondered why we have a Redcliffe Jetty, but a Shorncliffe Pier. Any thoughts?

Anyways the noodles were fab. Extra fried tofu would have been a fair substitute for the pork for some good protein. It’s also important not to let the zucchini get too far along. Soggy courgette is  a friend to nobody.

Not like us but! We’re your friends 🙂

Happy cooking


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