Buttermilk Mushroom Fritters, Japanese Mayo, Watercress, Horseradish and Dill.

mushroom-frittersThey say mushrooms are meat for vegetarians. Maybe.
Or could it possibly just be more patronising bullshit from people who think vegetarians are all deprived of something?

Having said that, I will say this. Some mushrooms can be described as very ‘meaty’, particularly a good porcini or shitake. This refers to the very satisfying, earthy flavour of some varieties. In fact, dried porcini soaked in hot water smells a lot like beef bouillon. No bull.

And everything tastes better deep-fried, yass? You can’t argue with the science.mushroom-fritters-2Prep Time – 15 minutes Cooking Time – 25 minutes

1 punnet of each 3 or 4 Asian mushrooms –  We using enoki, shitake, oyster and shimeji.
2 cups Buttermilk
Oil for frying.
Salt and pepper

Flour for Dusting
1 cup tapioca starch
1 cup rice flour
1 tbsp baking powder
1 tsp turmericmushroom-fritters-3To Serve 
2 cups Watercress – washed and picked
1/4 cup fresh picked dill fronds
1/2 cup Japanese mayo combined with 2 tbsp buttermilk and 2 tsp horseradish relish.
Fresh lemon

Trim the Mushrooms. Take the stalk of the shitake and cut in half or quarters. Seperate the enoki and shimeji into small clumps and trim away excess stem. Trim the oysters down to all the same size.

Warm a small pan with about 3cm of oil in the bottom. High to moderate.

Place the buttermilk in a small bowl. The flour into a shallow dish. Dip a ‘shroom in buttermilk and then dredge in the flour mix. Make sure it’s well coated. Shake off any excess flour and carefully place into the hot oil. When it is brown all over, drain well on kitchen towel and give it some salt. Repeat. It’s possible to do more than one at a time of course.mushroom-fritters-4Serve these with the above  suggestions and a stupidly cold beer.  Holy fuckballs in my mouth! What a great combination

Chefs Notes
*The real reason they say that mushrooms are meat for vegetarians is because of the nutritional value. B6 and selenium for a start. This guy here blogs about it.

*Use at least three varieties – oyster, king brown, shitake, abalone, shimeji or enoki. Avoid button or field mushrooms. The texture and flavour are all wrong.

*Please be super careful with hot pans of oil like this. Use the back burner on your stove, make sure everyone knows what is happening in the kitchen and to stay the fuck away. Make sure nothing can fall in and splash the oil over you, kids or pets. Oil burns are painful and scarring. Complacency is Your Enemy.


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