Grilled Globe Artichokes, Persian Feta, Fresh Raspberries, Broad Leaf Rocket, Avocado Oil.

artichoke-4Spring time is awesome for globe artichokes AND fresh berries.

Preparing globe artichokes can be a real pain the arse  labour of love, but everyone should try it at least once. Much like mad-dog tequila shots.

And so I made this salad. Now it’s your turn.
artichokeBroad leaf rocket, fresh from the farm, is in a class of its own.  Crisp, peppery and delicious. (Thanks to the fella at Northey St Markets.) All that other stringy rubbish you get on top or underneath meals at cafes and pubs is just shit. Good watercress is a fair substitute here.

Prep – 1hr    Cooking  – 20 minutes

Ingredients – serves 2 as a light meal or makes a great share plate for a few.

  • 4 globe artichokes
  • 100g fresh rocket leaves
  • 100g Persian feta – avoid Persian ‘style’ feta. You are being had.
  • 1 punnet fresh raspberries
  • 50 ml avocado oil
  • 2 lemons for juicing plus a couple of wedges for serving
  • S&P
  • olive oil for grilling

 Method Pre-heat a griddle pan to medium.
Start by squeezing the juice of one lemon into a bowl of water big enough to hold the artichokes. Use a good sharp knife to cut the top 2 cm off each artichoke. And now repeat at the stem end. Use either a peeler or small, sharp knife to trim the  outside of the stems away.

Now cut the artichoke in half lengthways and put it straight away into the lemon water. The moment you cut it in half, the artichoke will want to start turning brown ( due to oxidation). The lemon will limit this somewhat. Work quickly.
artichoke-2Peel away the tough outside leaves from the bulb until only pale green or yellow are left. Scoop out the fluffy hairs in the middle. Return to the lemon water until all the artichokes are ready.
Drain the artichokes and pat dry. Toss with some light olive oil, salt and pepper and place cut-side down on your griddle pan. Give them a few minutes to get some colour, give a quarter turn and repeat. 

Next squeeze some lemon juice, sploosh some olive oil and place a lid on top ( any saucepan lid will do.) The steam will help soften the artichokes. 

When they feel tender at the base of the bulb you are done. About 20 minutes or so. Transfer to a plate to cool a little.artichoke-3

Arrange everything on a cool platter in such a way to wow your guests with the fabulous colours, flavours and textures. Do NOT just plonk it all in a bowl. FFS. You have worked too hard.artichoke-5

Chef’s Notes

  •  for provenance sake, the leaves are grown on Tambourine Mt but I know a guy on the Sunshine coast with a similar product also.
  • The raspberries are from Wamuran, about 45 mins Nth west of Brisbane.
  • It’s a little humid to produce artichokes commercially in  Qld, so they’ll be from a southern state.
  • Yarra Valley in Victoria produce a fantastic Persian feta.
  • This avocado oil is produced in Qld too. So for a fairly exotic sounding dish, this really is as local as it gets.


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