About Cook and Kid

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Welcome to Cook And Kid.

We’re here to encourage and promote good attitudes towards food and spending quality time together as a Dad and Daughter or whatever shape your family may be.
Skills. Growing. Together. In the kitchen.
We don’t do fads.
We aim for fresh, unprocessed, homemade and free range where possible.
Enjoy 🙂

I’m adamjclements at hotmail.com if you’d like to get in touch.


Our Original Mission Statement (I get a bit wordy here).

This is a blog about food.

Well it’s about more than just food but that is certainly the focus. I’m a part time single dad, chef by trade. Also a qualified trainer and assessor.  One thing I’d really like to do for my daughter, 9 (henceforth known as Kid) is to have her grow up appreciating and knowing how to identify fresh produce, and pass on some ideas on what to do with it.
Since our time together is limited (Kid has another loving family on the other side of town, lucky Kid) I feel this should also be a bonding experience. Me and Kid in the kitchen making dinner together.
Cooking, learning and loving. Getting hungry. Having fun.This benefits us both – I get some help to make dinner happen. Most importantly Kid gets to see where her food comes from. I’m not looking to set her up to be a happy little housewife, on the contrary, this is about her independence.

Her food independence.

Kid won’t move into her first share house at uni and have to live on take away. She’ll be better off health wise (therefore learning wise) socially (good cooks make great friends at dinner time) and financially. I’m going to teach Kid how make her food dollar stretch that bit further. That is the aim.

I’m not here to bore you with over stylised gloss pictures of the latest thing in cooking (we are gonna have fun taking piccies though). By doing this I also want to show you in net-land how we do it and how to do the same. Share the love that is food, save some time and money, get your kids gladly eating fruit and vegetables.

Bond. Invest. Discuss. Create memories. Make lasting habits. Have fun.

Cooking time doesn’t have to be you in the kitchen and kids on the net or watching telly. Dinner time doesn’t have to be boring or repetitive and if sometimes it is then let’s at least try and make it inclusive. And fun.

One in, all in. When I was a kid I would sit at the counter and shell fresh peas whilst mum cooked or wash the lettuce or stir the sauce or beat the mash. Then we watched telly. It was my mum who taught me how to pick a good rockmelon and that stone fruit is at its best AFTER Christmas. Sour milk makes the best pikelets, blue cheese lives in alfoil. My Dad taught me at a young age how to fillet a fish and what a good loaf of bread looks like. All tools I use every day in my professional and personal life.

Happy cooking times ahead.

Welcome to Cook ‘n’ Kid.

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