Eat Ya Fucken Vegetables



Vegetables are delicious.

Vegetarian food doesn’t have to be all mung beans and lentils. On the contrary.

Vegetarian food can be super fun and tasty.

“But we need to eat meat”

Bullshit. You don’t. Okay?

“But where will I get my iron, vitamin B, protein et al, yadda yadda from….?”

From a variety of vegetables, grains, seeds, fruits and nuts. That is where. Gorillas are huge fuckers¬†and they eat grass and leaves. Go ask King Kong where he gets his iron, vitamin B, protein et al, yadda yadda from….

“But it’s the food chain”

It is not. Buying plastic wrapped flesh from a supermarket shelf called something different to what it actually is (why is beef called beef and not cow?) was never the food chain. We humans removed ourselves from the food chain when we stopped hunting and started farming. When was the last time you had to chase a burger through the fucking jungle for hours on end to save your own life?

“Yeah but..?”

Yeah but nothing. Perhaps you like eating meat. I don’t care, it is up to you. I would ask you however to consider the impact your meat-eating has on the environment, animal welfare, general nutrition and health. Australians eat more meat per capita than almost any other country and have the highest rate of rectal/colon cancer. It is not a coincidence.

If nothing else convinces you, consider this. It is incredibly cheap to eat vegetarian. Yes, fresh vegetables and fruit can be expensive, season depending. But pasta, rice, grains, pulses etc can stretch your dollar a long way.

You just need to make it all taste good.