If you want kids to eat their vegetables I suggest 3 courses of action (based purely on my own experiences as a parent and chef, and chats with other parents and chefs.)

  1. Make those vegetables taste good and look appealing.
  2. Set the example. Eat those same vegetables with kids like it ain’t no thing. Like vegetables is just what happens.
  3. Keep meat from being put on a pedastal. ‘Oh he’s alright, just give him a sausage and he’ll eat’. If that’s what you say, that’s what they’ll take away from that. Put all of the food on a pedastal, equally.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Well, give it a go anyways….

Also, it is okay for kids to be vegetarian.

Just do a little research first please and be prepared for massive battles with the carnivorous about what an irresponsible parent you are.

The term ‘child abuse’ gets flung about. Ignorant fuckwits.

Some people just can’t help themselves huh.